Florent Seveno - IFSTTAR Nantes

Identification and representation of sources and water's pathways to the outlets in an urban catchment

This thesis is keeping with the Federative Research Project Observatory of Urban Environments of Nantes (France)

Supervising : Fabrice Rodriguez

Thesis started in October 2012

Hydrographic networks in urban areas are a combination of several sources and water's pathways. Some of them are designed and controlled by man (runoff collection systems and impervious areas connected to them) and others are less and not controlled.


Cedric Faure, LAUM Université du Maine

Acoustic propagation in extended urban acoustics

The thesis is in keeping with the Federative Research Project Urban soundscape : perception and simulation of the urban soundscape

Supervising : Olivier Richoux, Bertrand Lihoreau, Simon Felix.

Thesis started in October 2013

The aim of this thesis is to develop acoustic predictive methods in extended urban acoustic environments (district or city) taking into account micrometeorological
effects. Previous studies have shown that the meteorological effects have important consequences on the acoustic propagation in the external environment. The question is whether these effects have a similar impact on the estimation of noise levels in urban areas (heavily built).



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