Finished thesis

Magdalena Maché - LHEEA Ecole Centrale de Nantes (2012)

Studies for urban development scenarios to anwer to climate change by coupling multi-scale atmospheric models

Supervising : Jean-François Sini, Isabelle Calmet

Modern urban planning has to conciliate numerous economic, ecological and social requirements. The classical urban structures that divide cities into homogeneous quarters are questioned. The actual trend is to compact cities and to decrease their spreading in order to reduce the transports and so the atmospheric pollution.


Maryam Soheili El Hadj - L2G ESGT Le Mans

Classification of Single High Resolution Polarimetric SAR Images in Urban Areas

L2G, ESGT Le Mans

The thesis is in keeping with the Federative Research Project Urban GIS

Supervising : Laurent Polidori, Elisabeth Simonetto

In this research, our aim is to assess the potential of a single polarimetric radar image of high spatial resolution for the classification of urban areas. For that purpose, we concentrate on a fine detection of urban land cover types including ground classes corresponding to different kinds of roofs, objects and ground surfaces.



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