Master STEU

Master course Sciences and Engineering of Urban Environments

he Master course " Sciences and Engineering of Urban Environments" is organized jointly by :

This Master second year degree course (M2) is open to students with a first year master degree (M1) or an Engineer diploma looking for a higher level training in the following domains :

  • Physics of urban environments : air and water quality, urban pollutant transport and dispersion, building energy and energy management, sound and light pollutions, resources management, modelling and GIS software, etc.
  • Human, social and environmental aspects of urban environments, governance, perceptible atmosphere, sustainable development, environmental regulations, etc.

The course is composed of a common-core syllabus and three optional specialties :

The main objective of this Masters programme is to train specialists on the urban issues, who will then be suitably qualified for research and the preparation of a doctorate, or for joining the environmental services of international, national, regional or local institutions, the air or water quality regional agencies, or private companies and consultancies working in the area of urban issues, etc.

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